Want to be a Vendor at Cowtown Celtic?

The Cowtown Celtic Festival is now accepting applications from vendors of high quality, preferably hand made artistic mechandize. We are currently surveying the site and producing layouts of the area to determine the number of inside and outside vendors that we can accomodate. When this has been completed, probably in late summer, we will start our vendor selection process.

Preference will be given to vendors with a track record of offering high quality, hand made and preferably traditional Celtic merchandise. If you believe that you fit these criteria, then you may apply starting now.

We reserve the right not to admit vendors selling merchandise other than that listed or approved by the Festival. All booths will be inspected after setup and periodically during the weekend. Vendors selling or displaying material that the Festival finds objectionable will be asked to leave.

Booth Sizes and Descriptions

Festival booths are available in 10ft x 10ft (100 sq. ft.) spaces. Vendors requiring larger areas may rent multiple booth spaces. Vendor spaces are located inside the Will Rogers Memorial Center and outdoors. Please be sure to specify your space and location needs on the vendor application form.

Rates are $200 for a 10x10 ft indoor booth and $150 for outside. Discounts will apply for second and subsequent booths in the same location. Tables, chairs and electrical outlets (110V 15amp) are available at cost. We do not provide or rent lights, extension cords or plug strips.

Tents may be rented. Please contact the vendor coordinator at 214-823-4370 for more details and prices.

Deposits and Fees

A refundable deposit of $100 is required from all vendors. You must submit two checks with your application: one check for booth fees and miscellaneous charges and a separate check for your $100 deposit. This deposit will be held until it is returned to you at the scheduled close of the Festival on Sunday, provided that vendors have not damaged their areas, vacated their booths before scheduled closing or ignored any Festival rules pertaining to booth spaces.

Reminder - although we do not take a percentage of booth income, the various government entities do. It is your responsibility to collect and pay Texas State and local Sales and Use Tax (currently 8.25%).

Remember, we require an additional $100 deposit check that will be returned to you at the end of the event. DO NOT INCLUDE THIS DEPOSIT WITH YOUR BOOTH FEES.

Application Form

The Vendor Application form may be downloaded in an editable PDF format. Simply fill in the required fields on the form - the fees will calculate automatically. Save a copy for your records, print and mail the completed form with your checks to the address at the bottom of the form.

Please also include a description of your merchandize and a recent color photograph of your booth.

Please DO NOT use the NTIF application form since these will not be accepted for CCF.

Vendor Application

Download the Vendor Application form here -

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